About RABS

Josh Weinberg worked as a Background Production Assistant. They gave him paper vouchers & startwork, lines of background, & told him to "go at it, kiddo".

Enter the RABS App & Digital Background Voucher

Josh searched for technology talent.

It took over two years of searching to find the team capable of delivering the service that productions deserved. There were failures. There were bad deals & even worse "partners". But each mistake turned into an opportunity. On March 18th, 2018, RABS began with our first production (an indie in Chicago). Today, our services are used by nearly every major studio on their high-profile movie & television projects.

  • Background talent complete their Digital Vouchers at home or from their mobile devices before set: accurate
  • Proprietary Skin® & Wrap® technology save production time, money, & stress: savings
  • Accounting tools streamline compliance: reliable
  • Contactless, organized, & distanced: safe

Daybreak (Netflix)

Albuquerque. Background Casting by Latham Casting.

RABS Digital Vouchers

American Soul

Atlanta. Casting by Hylton Casting.


The Purge (S1)

New Orleans. Casting by Caballero Casting.

RABS Digital Vouchers

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

New York & Miami. Casting by Grant Wilfley Casting (NY) & Front Runner Casting (Miami).

2019, Our First Four Series

The RABS App & Digital Voucher was picked up on four major series in four different production cities. The enthusiasm from crews was palpable. 

Josh became known for appearing in production offices in a suit & tie. It was a bit out of place - but the intent behind it was to appear trustworthy & professional.

More series began with RABS in 2019 beyond these four & the growth of RABS accelerated.

Run A Safer Set

We continue to innovate the RABS App & Digital Voucher to meet the evolving needs of talent & productions.

In 2020, RABS rose to the COVID challenge. We adapted to our client's changing needs, scaled the technology quickly, & redoubled out commitment to serving and supporting our clients on the new, physically distanced sets.

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About RABS, CEO Josh Weinberg
CEO of RABS, Josh Weinberg

Josh Weinberg, CEO, RABS

A true remote business, RABS operates in every major production market: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, British Columbia, Charleston, Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,  Portland, Santa Fe, Toronto, & Wilmington (NC). 

Our team & employees are in California, New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Chicago. Though, we like to consider clients part of the team, too.

Josh graduated Lower Merion High School (2011) and Tulane University (2015). His cousin, "The Great Cousin", Myron is deceased - Josh risked a small gift in Myron's will to start RABS. Josh owns 100% of Run A Better Set.

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Ashlynn Hodges

Director of Accounts

Ashlynn grew up in New Orleans amid the flavorful film and service industry cultures. She graduated from Baton Rouge Community College with a degree in Entertainment Technology. She began at RABS as a customer support liaison, working on the background helpdesk. Today, Ashlynn is our Director of Accounts where she supports productions, manages the helpdesk staff, and trains crew members on the RABS App & Digital Vouchers. She’s thrilled to bring her intellect and experience to serve our clients. 

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Ashlynn Hodges
Director of Accounts at RABS