Union Authorizes RABS Digital Background Voucher

Digital Background Vouchers

After nearly a century of paper vouchers, the RABS Digital Voucher has been approved for use by SAG-AFTRA, and productions employing union background actors can now take advantage of the efficiency and cost savings of a paperless solution.

The approval will create unprecedented efficiency and is a vital step into a paperless future.

As health and safety becomes a priority, the RABS App will be a contactless, paperless solution for background. Also, through the RABS App, productions will be able to initiate a safety interactive training, for new production COVID protocol. RABS had previously provided a paper workaround for all union member background vouchers processed in RABS.

The paper payment voucher has been in use for nearly a century and has remained the standard for tracking background actor wages. The push throughout the entertainment industry for green friendly technologies that reduce paperwork, the increases in volume of production, and the emerging health and safety needs triggered by the pandemic, make the authorization of RABS Digital Vouchers a timely and important step into a more efficient and safer future of productions.

Union member background have requested digital vouchers for years. The RABS Digital Voucher will likely facilitate accuracy and speed in background payment, and will create transparency in any grievance process.

The inaccuracy of the paper voucher, and the variable nature of working on set, in some cases has led to bitter grievances between production and the union. Background casting companies, being background facing, are often caught up in the disputes while background payroll, despite their best efforts, have often failed to pay background within the CBA-required fourteen day window. Using the RABS Digital Voucher should alleviate grievances and streamline background payment from production, through background casting and background payroll.

The leadership at the union has been critical in authorizing RABS.


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