RABS Digital Skins®

The RABS Digital Skins have taken the concept of attendance sheet and maximized the value for production. Instead of relying on paper attendance sheets and paper vouchers, shows that use the RABS Skins can check in, verify I-9s, and manage the call times of background actors in one stroke. Shows using the RABS Skins® consistently…

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Digital Vouchers vs Paper

This article has now been superseded by the SAG-AFTRA approval of the RABS Digital Voucher. More: details. SAG-AFTRA has been aware of the RABS Digital Voucher for as long as RABS has been in business. With so many shows interested in using our tech, growing a relationship with SAG-AFTRA is imperative to everyones’ success; when…

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RABS Digital Vouchers

The RABS App is to Digital Vouchers as… Rocky is to Philly as: Bronx Tale is to the Bronx? Chinatown is to LA? Fargo to Fargo? JFK to New Orleans? LadyBird is to Sacramento? Breaking Bad to Albuquerque? The Sopranos to Ramopo? Star Wars to a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Apocalypse Now to Nam? It’s…

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