Righteous Gemstones

RABS and The Righteous Gemstones When I first heard of The Righteous Gemstones, I pictured it as the spiritual successor to Arrested Development, no pun intended. The show follows a wealthy televangelist family after the death of their matriarch as they definitely don’t practice what they preach. The main plot line follows Jesse Gemstone, played by…

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Run A Better Set

We’re not writing to teach how to sell a screenplay. Check @goodinaroom if you want to learn about that. We’re writing to discuss the similarities between sales and screenplay. It doesn’t matter if you read Zig Ziglar, Dixon & Adamson, or Blake Snyder, and Syd Field. You’re going to find one idea uniting good sales and good…

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RABS Digital Vouchers

The RABS App is to Digital Vouchers as… Rocky is to Philly as: Bronx Tale is to the Bronx? Chinatown is to LA? Fargo to Fargo? JFK to New Orleans? LadyBird is to Sacramento? Breaking Bad to Albuquerque? The Sopranos to Ramopo? Star Wars to a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Apocalypse Now to Nam? It’s…

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