Reopening with RABS During COVID

Digital Background Vouchers

Reopening during COVID has changed the way production operates, and forgoing paper for the safety of digital has been at the forefront.

Fortunately, RABS has been serving shows with accurate and reliable digital vouchers and safe and efficient background management, long before the pandemic. We’ve been doing this, on the highest levels, with the biggest shows, for nearly three years.

What was once viewed as merely practical and efficient has become essential to comply with newly mandated protections. Background are receiving RABS Digital Vouchers for fittings – covid testing – hold days – CANCELATIONS – and regular work days. On top of that, the amount of allowances for home temperature checks, Zoom fittings, and the various other per diems, and payments, all tied into and around COVID compliance, have put RABS to the test.

Shows are paying more than ever for background performers.  Background are even, in some cities, being quarantined in hotels for at least two weeks, during which, they’re receiving daily vouchers, daily per diem, and even weekend pay. The needs and the budgets have gone up and RABS views it as our responsibility to change as quickly as the rules do.

RABS was already a robust software; each day we are adding elements to simplify the complex requirements on our clients. It’s all about you. We love to build what our clients request. Many times we’ve heard from you – “hey, you know what would be great?” – and within a matter of weeks, RABS is doing it.

While we can’t wait to visit our sets again when it’s permitted, we’re thrilled to be able to provide our clients with safe and reliable solutions and remain at least six feet away as we support their production goals.


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