Crew FAQ

Does RABS Provide Devices?

Shows are responsible for providing their own hardware. We recommend providing laptops to the AD department.

Does RABS Work Offline?

As of 02/01/2020, the entire RABS feature set is not available offline.

Digital Documents & Payroll?

With RABS all documents required for your background are digital. Everything from vouchers to releases.

Hot Spots

RABS recommends the show has hot spots available for their AD department.

IS RABS MOBILE and tablet friendly?

RABS does not require any downloading. You can access the full system from any internet enabled smart-device or computer.


If you have a set, even in a remote location, you can use RABS.


Yes. RABS systems are approved by eight studios. If we processed credit card payments, we would be considered 'PCI COMPLIANT'. We participate in the EU Privacy Shield Framework.


Consider RABS part of your crew. If you're working, we're working. Call, text, email, help desk. We're always here, even when you're there.

Set Up?

We request a week's notice before a show begins. But we can have your show running within a day, when urgent.


We provide a half a day during prep to train the ADs, Accountants, and other departments. RABS will be on set for the first day or two of production and can be available to spend more time on set, if needed.