Safety Interactive Training for Background with RABS

Safety Interactive Training

Safety Interactive Training for Background is now included as a complimentary service for shows using the RABS Digital Vouchers

Safety Interactive Training, “SIT”, may end up being an abundance of caution as productions resume.  SIT is a feature in the RABS App that supports video, infographics, quizzes, customized questions and answers, time tracking, and generates certificates of completion. As we’ve discussed the sanitary benefits of the RABS Digital Voucher (more here), we felt it important to not only add thought but to add technical value for our shows.

Safety Interactive Training is now a complimentary feature of the RABS Digital Voucher (RABS App)

Before background and extras arrive to set, they receive SIT via the RABS App. They’re granted access to the training by background casting as they complete their RABS Digital Voucher. The content of the Safety Interactive Training can and should be customized to the needs of each show.

With Safety Interactive Training, shows can create & share their own training videos

All video content can be custom created and the RABS App can handle as many videos as needed, either from the studio or show level.

The videos should provide an overview of the show’s safety protocols; we advise productions have protocols specific for background and extras that are separate from crew; the RABS Safety Interactive Training will ensure background and extras are informed before they arrive to set. Education can be one of our most effective safety tools.

Shows can create customized questionnaires / test modules to compliment the videos

The quiz modules are like a test. They take the video and visual materials supplied to educate and they ask questions with right and wrong answers about the materials. Maybe it sounds odd to give background and extras a quiz before they arrive to set; but it also sounds odd to suspend the economies of every nation in the world.

The quiz should reinforce the show’s protocols. The quiz / test modules track completion and can be initiated the night before a shoot all the way up to when background and extras arrive to holding.

SIT can track & certify instantly

This means that SIT can ask background and extras important time and data sensitive questions. These questions should be designed to ask about potential exposure to COVID-19, any history of infections or presence of antibodies, and how background and extras treat their own safety as they arrive to work. The training can track pertinent dates and times; meaning, a show can use good data to determine, should background and extras fail certain criteria, if that person poses an exposure risk to the set.

While this may be an abundance of caution, we believe that by providing production quality data through the RABS App will prevent and mitigate the risks of exposure.

We hope the RABS App & Safety Interactive training can accelerate the return to set and can lead to a safer set for all.

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