Social Distancing and Digital Vouchers

Practice Social Distancing

Social Distancing and Digital Vouchers may not seem related… but RABS is the sanitary solution for a safe set

Who wants to handle a pile of vouchers and startwork that have been exchanged between extras, the PA, the ADs, the teamsters, the office, the payroll company? Who wants to handle paperwork at call, meals,  check out, in the office, at payroll? That paperwork has been touched, coughed on, and dropped. Social distancing and digital vouchers may not seem related but RABS Digital Vouchers are the sanitary, social distancing friendly solution, as productions reopen and into the future.

1. RABS Digital Vouchers creates less hand to hand exchanging and removes hundreds or thousands of touch points

Because background complete their RABS Digital Voucher from home or on their personal device while on set, there’s no exchanging of pens and paper and there’s no passing documents between crew members.

This removes hundreds, if not thousands of hand to hand touch points; the PAs and ADs won’t be prepping documents; they won’t be handing paper documents to extras; extras won’t be returning documents to crew; crew won’t be checking documents at check in and check out; there won’t be piles of paperwork that sit out on set. The ADs don’t have to give paperwork to the teamsters; using the RABS Digital Voucher doesn’t require Payroll Accountants to collate documents and peel documents that have been passed between hundreds of hands.

2. RABS Digital Voucher creates less grouping of background and reduces lines

One of the most salient benefits of using RABS has been shorter lines at call and the fastest check out with Wrap® technology. Using the RABS Digital Voucher removes the need to group around a check in table and reduces the cluster of people at check out.

Because background and extras will have completed their RABS Digital Voucher at home or on their personal device, when they arrive to set, they can immediately be organized into a social distanced holding. If they didn’t do their RABS at home, if needed, a PA or AD can send have the RABS App text background and extras a link to do their digital voucher and startwork from their device. Note: the texting feature in RABS also keeps an AD or PA at a distance.

From a sanitized work station, a PA or AD can review and approve RABS Digital Vouchers and startwork. Alternatively, a PA or AD can walk among the socially distanced background in holding, checking them in from their own smartphones one by one; this would remove any grouping and keep interactions to one on one.

At check out, instead of signing hundreds or thousands of documents, and PA and AD can use Wrap® technology to authorize out times from a distance; extras and background can leave set without grouping and waiting for paperwork; PAs and ADs can completed a transfer of all digital documents to payroll with one click. 

3. RABS Digital Voucher creates more time at call and check out for safe handling by costumes & props (and more social distancing)

The speed and ease of use of the RABS Digital Voucher has always saved production time at call and check out; in this case, that time can be used for the costume & props department to practice safe social distancing.

Costumes will especially need this excess time; they are required to work in close physical spaces with one another and the extras;  having more time will allow them to be mindful of their movements; having more time will enable them to dress background one at a time.

Costumes is also used to holding on to the voucher as collateral. The RABS App can track costumes, once again removing a touch point.

Time is going to be at a premium like never before, as the the rush to make production will likely force our crews into longer hours. The hour or more RABS Digital Vouchers can save for a crew will be ever more valuable.

Social distance is a practice and it requires our attention; RABS can enable the mindfulness needed to practice social distancing.

The transition back to set will be bizarre to say the least. But the RABS Digital Voucher will enable a safer, better set. Read more:  A Social Distancing Set – Three RABS Recommendations For Background

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