The RABS Digital Skins®

RABS Digital Skins®

The RABS Digital Skins have taken the concept of attendance sheet and maximized the value for production. Instead of relying on paper attendance sheets and paper vouchers, shows that use the RABS Skins can check in, verify I-9s, and manage the call times of background actors in one stroke.

Shows using the RABS Skins® consistently experience faster, calmer calls, with more time for costumes, props and protocol.

One of the finest examples of the efficacy of the RABS Skins® was in episode 301 of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Nine hundred background needed to be checked in and had to receive costumes, haircuts, and of course, have their vouchers counted and their I-9s verified. Nine hundred background were ready to work, and were sitting and waiting, an hour and a half before they were needed. The concept was equally applied at check out, where nine hundred background were able to check out within an hour. That of course, is a function of RABS Wrap® technology.

While there are innate advantages of using RABS Skins® (over any other solution), no matter what, we encourage strong communication between departments. PAs and ADs must still see their background. They should interact with them and, yes, even watch to make sure they don’t leave set. Ultimately, no technology can replace quality AD work.

Good technology does enable us to improve the quality of AD work. It enables us to make choices in favor of creative, instead of spending our time deal with the shortcomings of the background payroll companies. RABS Skins® are the first and only digital Skins® and will continue to support excellent AD work, wherever productions are made.


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