New: The Second Page of the RABS Digital Voucher

The Second Page of the RABS Digital Voucher

New! A second page will now be a standard feature of all digital vouchers in the RABS App. The feature is designed to track times, changes, additions, and subtractions to each background digital voucher. The feature will also be available for union member background and will be shared with the union to facilitate any grievance process.

The Second Page Tracks All Changes

There’s no paper trail with a digital voucher (as unreliable as a paper trail can be anyway), instead there’s something better. Every change made to the RABS voucher is tracked on the second page. That means, when a background is clocked in, meal’d, checked out, given an MPV, NDB, Grace, it is reflected on the voucher itself and logged on the second page.

If a time is updated, or a change is made after check out, the change is made on the voucher but logged on the second page.

The Second Page Tracks Who Made Changes and When

Atop tracking the changes, the second page logs who (by name) and when (with a date and time) they applied the change.

It may look like this: Check In Time changed to 11:42 am by Josh Weinberg on 07/09/2020 at 12:01pm

The Second Page Can Be Saved As A PDF and Exported

The voucher itself is a PDF file and the second page is an attachment, which when accessed by production, the union, or background, will be in an unchangeable PDF format.

The Second Page Is Pink

You will notice that this second page is pink! This mimics the dot-matrix concept used in paper vouchers for decades.

There are so many benefits to digital and we expect clear and concrete records will solve an amazing amount of problems.


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