You Can Use A Digital Background Voucher, A RABS Digital Voucher

RABS Digital Background Voucher

You Can Use A Digital Background Voucher, A RABS Digital Voucher

The RABS App for Wrangling background comes with four core features: RABS Digital Voucher, Skin®, Wrap®, and Hot Cost technologies. Each of these features replace an aspect of the antiquated, paper based process for managing background and extras.

What does the RABS Digital Voucher do?

The RABS Digital Voucher replaces the paper background and extras voucher. Instead of using a paper voucher, the RABS App transforms your background payroll company’s voucher into a dynamic, RABS Digital Voucher. The RABS App automatically creates digital vouchers for each background and extra upon check in to set.

Further, the RABS App creates all digital startwork for background, including documents customized to your set from digital background vouchers, I-9s, W-4s, to state residency forms, and non-disclosure agreements that are always neat & complete.

What does Skin® do?

Skin® technology accelerates check in. Here’s how it works; PAs and ADs are stationed at the check in point(s) by holding. They have laptops or their smartphones with them.

Background and extras arrive and present their physical IDs. ADs and PAs take the physical IDs and examine them against the I-9 documents, generated in the RABS App. One click, and as long as the I-9 is compliant, the background are checked in, and they can move on to costumes.

If we observe a check in with RABS, Skin® creates a scene similar to an airport check in.

What does Wrap® do?

Wrap® accelerates check out. Here’s how it works. PAs and ADs station themselves at the check out points. They enter an out time into RABS for the background and extras; they can selected one BG, a group, or everyone (whomever they want to check out) and they Wrap® them. RABS generates the completed digital vouchers and sends every BG a text confirming their times.

At the conclusion of check out, ADs and PAs can access the automatic breakdown, created by Wrap®. Wrap® generates a flawless breakdown, no matter how many background and extras or the level of complexity.

What does Hot Cost do?

Hot Cost tech automatically calculates the actual spend for the day on background, including fringes and fees. When payroll accounting logs in to their RABS account, they can access the digital vouchers, documents, and the Hot Cost reports. The Hot Cost reports also include a line item breakdown of each background and extras’ wage, which can be used to check edits.

With RABS, accounting & payroll enjoy the accuracy, legibility, & speed of all digital vouchers & background startwork. No peeling, scanning, inputting means precise edits & the fastest payroll turnaround. It also means lead accountants don’t wait for their daily background spend, simplifying an otherwise tricky aspect of cost reporting.

Remember, these core pieces of tech are standard features and benefits of using the RABS App on set and in office.

Tips on your RABS Digital Voucher: Tips for the RABS Digital Voucher

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